An online workshop on Google Cloud serverless solutions

Time to go online! Let's code together.

With my colleague Mete, we've prepared a workshop on Google Cloud serverless solutions:

  • Cloud Functions — function-as-a-service, react to cloud events flowing in your system with simple function snippets
  • App Engine — platform-as-a-service, deploy your applications in the cloud, and let the platform handle and scale them for you
  • Cloud Run — container-as-a-service, deploy and run containers at scale, without bothering about infrastructure
When: April 28 and 29 (ie. next week! 2 hours each day, at 3pm in Paris / 2pm in London)
Where: we'll be using Google Meet to walk you through the workshop, and chat together
What: we'll be building a photo-sharing application, step by step, in Node.JS

If you want to code with us, please register for next week!

We're partnering with several meetups, and Google Developer Groups, so book your seat, as we want everyone to have a hands-on experience (rather than just watching), we'll be limiting the number of seats!


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