Billions of lines of code in a single repository, seriously?

When I joined Google last June, I discovered a new world: tons of new acronyms or project code names to learn about, but also a particular environment for your source code. At Google, engineers work on a huge monolithic source code repository comprising of: 
  • 1 billion files
  • 9 million source files
  • 2 billion lines of code
  • 35 million commits
  • 86 terabytes of content
  • 45 thousands of commits every day.
Rachel Potvin, who's an engineering manager at Google, wrote an article for ACM about how Google handles such a huge repository, as well as the tools and practices around that. Wired also covered the topic in their article "Google is 2 billion lines of code and it's all in one place". And Rachel also presented this topic at the @Scale conference.

I had the chance to give here presentation at Devoxx Belgium

You can find the slide deck embedded below:

And the talk was also recorded, so you can view the video on Devoxx's YouTube channel here:


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