Groovy and Grails community site launching...

All about Groovy and Grails on a dedicated community news site! Soon to be launched!

Yes, you read it. There's going to be a site devoted to everything Groovy and Grails! The news is unleashed, on the streets. At the time of this writing, the site isn't up yet, but there's a countdown telling us there's still 1 day and 16 hours left before is open. It will be online just before the start of the Spring Experience conference taking place in Hollywood, Florida. I'll be speaking there by the way: I'll be presenting Grails and along with Rod Johnson, we'll explain how integrating Spring and Groovy together.

On the Groovy mailing-lists, Scott Davis spoke a bit about saying it'll be a dedicated news site, much like Digg, InfoQ or Slashdot.

Scott told us that this site will:

  • spotlight strong blogs like CodeForFun or Craig Walls -- of Spring in Action fame
  • cover corporate articles like the ones from Oracle and BEA
  • publish tutorials (Scott Hickey has a nice three article series on bootstrapping a Groovy+Java project with Ant, JUnit, and Cobertura)
  • PDF chapters from Graeme's excellent book: The Definitive Guide to Grails, and the equally excellent Groovy in Action
  • offer links to screen casts, podcasts, and video interviews

If you're speaking at a JUG, or if you are working for a company that uses Groovy/Grails extensively and would like to be featured in a case study, they'll be happy to interview you. You'll also be able to submit links, write articles, tips'n tricks, cool hacks, you name it.

Icing on the cake: is built on Grails 0.3.1! As Scott told us, they're drinking the kool-aid, and it seems pretty tasty!


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