Groovy / Grails meetup, next Monday evening, in San Francisco

If you're going to JavaOne this year, and if you're interested in Groovy and Grails, you can't miss G2One's free Groovy / Grails meetup, Monday evening, 7pm, at the W Hotel, across the street from Moscone.

It's going to be a great opportunity to meet the guys behind both Groovy and Grails, learn about the latest news about these projects, see some cool demos, and hear about customers who've decided to use Grails in their projects. You'll be able to also get great Groovy books signed by authors Venkat Subramaniam and Scott Davis.

After an hour and half of keynote, testimonials and cool demos, drinks and apetizers will be provided, and after the break will take place the NFJS meeting with an interesting panel discussion.

So, to recap, we're pleased to invite you to the free Groovy/Grails meetup, on Monday 5th, at 7pm, at the W Hotel, across the street from Moscone.

Please make sure to register to confirm your presence.


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