Groovy Logo Contest

Now that Groovy is out, in the wild, it's high time it gets a nice logo. So a Groovy Logo Contest is launched !

Let's start this contest with three submissions from... myself. I propose three logos with the same concept : a fancy/funny/groovy G with a special font, and the rest of the text in Arial or any sans-serif font. I chose a dark blue because that's my favourite colour, but I could have chosen green like codehaus' theme. Maybe a coloured G and the rest in black ? All your suggestions and comments are welcome.

Here is logo number 1

Now let's see logo number 2 (that's my favourite, and James seems to prefer this one too)

And for the end, number 3

So which one do you prefer ? You can cast your votes by writing a comment below. I'm longing to see what the other competitors will come up with !


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