Groovy Weekly #69

Groovy Weekly skipped a beat as I was very busy: I was very fortunate to spend my last week in California for various meetings, plus being a keynote speaker at JFrog’s SwampUp conference in Napa Valley. I had the chance to speak again about the Groovy release process and its history (based on my recent Devoxx talk).

Congrats to the Gradle team for releasing Gradle 2.4 with much faster builds!

Hurry up to register to GR8Conf Europe 2015, as registration closes on May 15th! Hurry up, and join the Groovy ecosystem fans gathering!

Reminder about our infrastructure changes, as we move the Groovy project through the incubation process at Apache: the JIRA issue tracker has moved, and don’t forget that the Groovy mailing-lists are also moving. The Apache Git repository is now the new mainline, but you can contribute pull requests on the new Apache Groovy Github mirror. Be sure to update all your bookmarks, and register on the new mailing-list!








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