How SmartCVS saved my life

Well, sort of... It did not save my life, but at least, it enabled me not to rely on my defunct CVS command-line skills. I really did not feel like messing with CVS inside a terminal. I desperately needed a nice GUI frontend to show me the status of my files.

As a new hausmate (because of my involvement in the development of Groovy), I had to setup my machine to have access to Codehaus' CVS repository, to allow me to commit my work on the Groovy source tree. But for an unknown reason, though some persons indicate me they manage to use IntelliJ with CVS/SSH, I could not use IntelliJ (which hangs for ever while trying to reach the CVS server), nor use Putty/Pageant/Plink (weird issue with an incompatibility of SSH2 key format) to tunnel my commands. I could only log in on the command line with Cygwin's SSH, following the steps I've explained in myprevious article.

Knowing how nice a chap Thomas Singer is, and how a good product he is capable to write, I told myself I should have a go with Fiona, the Early Access Program of SmartCVS. Fiona features its own SSH2 implementation, not relying on Putty or whatever other trick in the same vein. I set up my project, defined my connection parameters, my private SSH2 key, and within a minute, I was able to checkout the very latest source of Groovy.

Thank you Tom, you're my hero!


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