JavaBlogs downtime

I'm wondering what's happening to JavaBlogs. Recently, they've had more downtime, than uptime ! What problems do they face ? Is it a server issue, is it a bad implementation issue ? Maybe SiteMesh, WebWork, OSCache et al. are sucking big time ? Did Atlassian forgot to renew their registration for the domain name ? What on earth has happened to JavaBlogs ?

I hope we'll see it back online. I used to like it a lot for getting up to speed with all the buzz of the Java community. I'm not against desktop aggregators, on the contrary, but it does not allow me to discover easily brand new weblogs with interesting stuffs I would not have seen because that blog would not have been in my subscription list.

So bring us back JavaBlogs ! Or tell us what's happening ! We must be informed... Otherwise, we'll resort to start a new hunger strike, as most IntelliJ IDEA's users did recently to obtain a new EAP build ;-)


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