JavaBlogs resurrection

I must say WAOH ! Eventually, JavaBlogs is rising from its ashes. After several weeks with long days of downtime and months without certain bug fixes, JavaBlogs is improving.

Firstly, some bugs have been fixed : like the broken "All Blogs" OPML link that had not been working for ages.

Interesting improvements to notice :

  • now we can read an excerpt of each post
  • we can see the last 24 hours hot entries (rather than some hot entries of a day without further notice of a time zone)
  • instead of the time of the post, we see the number of minutes since that post (a la Google News)
  • if you're logged in, you can see the status of your feeds in the right navigation bar
  • there is an API available for pinging JavaBlogs when you post a new article on your blog (see that), I'll have to check whether my weblog software allows me to customise that

I keep the best for the end of this article : did you notice the red cross and the green plus below each post title ? Yeah, hover it and you'll understand : you can have a list of favourite blogs, and also a list of ignored blogs ! That rocks. That really rocks. Now it's time to play with it a little.

Honestly, I'm glad that Atlassian is still improving JavaBlogs. Well done ! Keep up the good work guys. And thanks for such a nice free tool. And by the way, happy new year !


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