Groovy on Android for the Paris Android User Group

Yesterday, I had the pleasure to speak about Groovy on Android at the Paris Android User Group. This is an evolution of my presentation from the DroidCon 2014 conference, with a few updates, in particular more coverage of SwissKnife.

Groovy in Action, 2nd edition is not a myth!

It took us a while to get it finished, but I assure you it was well worth the wait, and Groovy in Action, 2nd edition, is real! I just received my copies this morning!

Congrats to my fellow co-authors, and in particular to Dierk and Paul for their patience and dedication to this project, without whom the book would have never gone through its print stage!

My GR8Conf presentations slides

It's been a busy and intense week here at Copenhagen for GR8Conf Europe 2015! Great interactions and discussions with the Groovy community, and flawless organization.

I had the chance to present three talks this year, and I'm embedding my slides below.
First of all, I've given the usual Groovy keynote, with a Groovy state of the union.
Later on, I gave a talk on Groovy style! With interesting tips'n tricks, programming style advice.
Lastly, with my Web API hat on, I talked about various tools for creating and testing Web APIs.

Groovy Weekly #72

This 72th edition is being authored live from the Hackergarten session at GR8Conf Europe 2015, in Copenhagen (Denmark), where Groovy hackers are working on various contributions to the Groovy and Grails ecosystem, updating Grails 2 plugins to Grails 3, crafting a Groovy UI builder for Android, or work on some Gradle plugins. A busy evening!

It’s been a little long while coming, but Groovy in Action 2nd edition has just been sent to the printers! And the ebook formats will also be available this week!





Code snippets



Groovy Weekly #71

GR8Conf Europe 2015 is literally around the corner, as the conference will start next week in Copenhagen! I’m really excited to be joining the usual flock of Groovy afictionados and talk all things Groovy.

Speaking of conferences, lots of new videos and accompanying slide decks have been released, so there are hours of binge watching ahead!

By now, I think I can stop reminding you about the move of Groovy from Codehaus to the Apache Software Foundation? (and the move of the mailing-lists, issue tracker, sources, etc.)


  • GrooScript 1.1.1 released with associated Gradle plugin with support for Require.JS for improved Groovy / JavaScript interoperability



Presentations — special Greach 2015 coverage






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